What is My Free Postcode Lottery?

There are around 1.7 million postcodes in the UK, helping to ensure the nation’s post gets to the right place. It’s not very interesting stuff. But actually, those little letters and numbers can earn you free cash, with very little effort.

Introducing MyFreePostcodeLottery, a fun and free UK based postcode prize draw you can play every day – all you need is an email address and valid postcode. Make sure you log in daily for the chance to win free cash. There’s no need to mess about choosing numbers; with MyFreePostcodeLottery your lucky number already exists - just enter your postcode now. It really is that simple.

Every time you sign in we’ll top up your bonus which will be added to the jackpot should your postcode get drawn. Share the wealth; we’ll give you £5 referral bonus after you tell your friends about us and they sign up too. What makes MyFreePostcodeLottery unique is our referral prize draw - if one of your friends wins, you win too! We’re the only free website that currently does this. It’s easy to share your unique referral code across various social networking platforms including Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp; the more referral sign ups you generate the better your chance of winning! So what are you waiting for? Sign up, refer and increase your chances!

Every day someone wins the Daily Jackpot of £50, the £25 Referral Jackpot, The £10 Bonus Jackpot and also the £5 Facebook Draw. Not to mention your bonus which accrues every time you log in - that’s money for nothing!

But hold on, surely a draw that’s totally free to enter must have a catch, right? Actually, wrong! We earn money from on-page advertising, a bit like a magazine or newspaper, which we pass on to our subscribers every day as the prize pot. So join us, and play with us today.