Last updated: 24/08/2017

  • Entry is available to any person aged 18 years and over, excluding employees of The Global Voucher Group Limited, (the Promoter), the parent company, their immediate families, their agents or anybody professionally connected with this prize draw.

  • Entrants must only use their own private and permanent UK residential postcode address.

  • By entering your own postcode and email address you are consenting that your postcode will be entered into the daily prize draw. For clarification, this will commence only after your account has been approved.

  • If the winner (or winners) of the prize draw does not visit the site ( and claim the day's prize it will be rolled over to the next day's draw, after which it will be reset.

  • If there are multiple winners of the draw (which can arise if more than one person has the same postcode), the prize will be shared with all of the people who claimed the prize on the day. For clarification, if 4 people have the same postcode and only 2 people visit the site and claim the prize then the prize will only be shared with the 2 people who claimed.

  • When logging into the site, the winner of the prize draw will have a message stating that they are the winner and an option to claim the prize within the specified time period.

  • When the prize is claimed, we will make arrangements to deposit the cash into the winner's PayPal account within 7 working days from the date of winning. For the avoidance of doubt, this must be sent to the registered email address only.

  • Although we email when the prize draw has been made, the winning postcode is ONLY displayed on the site. We are not liable for emails which may be found in your junk/spam folder. It is the entrant's responsibility to visit the site to see if they are a winner.

  • If a winner does not claim their prize within the specified time limit, the prize money will be forfeited. We will not be liable for and will not pay out on late claims.

  • We reserve the right to withhold winnings if we believe there is doubt regarding a legitimate entry or any breach of these terms.

  • You can unsubscribe and opt out of the daily draws at any time by logging in and changing your preferences.